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Growing Your Instagram and Landing Your First Paid Brand Deal

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But you're either too overwhelmed by all the information out there...or you feel like you've tried everrrything and nothing works.

So you can stop spending hours on creating content only to post it and hear crickets... And instead learn how to create a strong personal brand, attract your dream audience and turn your Instagram into a money maker.

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So you want to become a content creator...

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You will walk away with: 

The 5 things you must know in order to skyrocket your Instagram growth - even if you are just starting.

My signature 3-step framework that's helped countless (who am I kidding. You know I'm counting - it's currently over 500! ) students 10x their engagement and grow their following by thousands.

Strategy for landing paid brand deals with your favourite brands (even with a small audience), so you can make content creation your full-time gig!

In 60 minutes you'll be thinking... "becoming content creator and making money online is actually...EASY?!"

Hey you...Yes you with those big dreams

Does this sound like you?


You've got the passion, the ideas... You just need the 'how-to'. Is that too much to ask for?


Deep down you know there's more to life than just an unfulfilling 9-5 and paying bills. And you are ready for your success story!


You keep hearing 'niche down. But what does it really mean for you and your unique brand?


"You've seen others grow their followings and make money online and think, 'Is there a blueprint I'm missing out on?'"

Nodding along?

but guess what...

There has never been 

a better time... grow your Instagram and land those high-paying brand deals (we are talking 4 or 5 figures here!). During the class I'll teach you the exact steps that helped hundreds of people transform their passion into a profitable career and quit the 9-5 grind.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to actually grow your audience, this is for you.

You will walk away with a triple-threat strategy. 

1. First you'll define a strong personal brand that feels like YOU.

2. Then you will learn how to create content that attracts your ideal audience...with ease. We like easy around here!

3. And lastly, you will have a clear step-by-step roadmap for landing your first paid partnership. Even with a teeny-tiny follower count.

Oh, and I almost forgot these incredible bonus takeaways?!

Content matrix: So you never run out of more staring at the blank screen

Revealed: How does the Instagram algorithm work. And how to make it work for you.

How much you could be charging based on your current follower count.



Workbook packed with helpful prompts to help you define your personal brand that attracts your dream audience and those oh-so-lucrative deals with your favorite brands.

and get your Instagram starter kit.

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CLAUDIA GREW 20k Followers

"I gained clarity on my social media strategy and implemented all your tips"

Yes, it really works

I stayed consistent with it which led to me gaining 20k followers in a few months.

FLEUR SKYROCKETED her engagement

I was struggling to define my brand and create good content. The quality of my content improved so much and I gained new followers. My engagement has also increased exponentially!

"It really helped me increase my engagement."


I have reels with thousands of comments from people interested in my products and brands are reaching out to me to collaborate!

"I used to think content creation was hard"

hey there!

I'm Alex, your       
Instagram bestie.


Since starting my Instagram account in 2022, I have been able to grow my audience to 150k+ across multiple platforms, work with brands like Lululemon, Adobe and Notion, and turn my passion into a 6-figure business. 

       it wasn't always this way. 

I dreamt of becoming a content creator since Instagram first blew up (am I aging myself here?!) but never thought I had what it takes. So I spent my twenties trying out different careers and nothing ever felt right.

But old dreams die hard, right?! So I decided to pour hundreds of $$$ and hours into learning how to actually become a content creator and to my surprise, it worked! My life completely changed and now I teach aspiring creators how to do the same.


Ready to make your dreams
a reality?

This isn’t an hour you’ll never get back. It’s a 60-minute immersion in growing your Instagram and landing paid brand deals that will save you countless hours and avoidable mistakes. 

So what do you say?